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Fashion Upcycled-Fashion Sustainability-Limited Editions


Texas born and raised, Fashion Designer, Matilde Caceres is wearing a Limited Edition, Up-cycled Face Mask. This was produced from weird, small, odd shape fabric studio remnant scraps from previous custom projects into a cool Texas, USA themed fabric face mask. 

This is just an example on how our studio is supporting "Fashion Sustainability" instead of adding to any fabric waste land.  We are focusing on zero fabric waste. 


There is much talk about Fashion Sustainability these days and most certainly with Covid-19 affecting much of the manufacturing industries in many overseas companies. 

Many of the big brands have halted production due to we do not know when our lives and business world will be back up and running as it was in 2019. 

When we make a custom wedding dress, special day outfit, or prom dresses which we missed this past 2020 season as schools studied online from home and special events were shut down.  After we are done with a custom project, we are left with weird shaped fabric remnants and we always ask our customer. Would you like to take the scrap fabrics with you? Most say no, what am I going to do with it and very few say, yes.  So in the studio, we either create a new patch type textile and make it into a unique applique, make bias tapes, spaghetti straps, piping with whatever will work for a limited edition piece as the fabrics are limited at that point. 

Therefore, we are dedicating this particular web page to all of our "Limited Edition" up-cycled fashionable statement pieces to give old forgotten fabric or odd fabric shapes another form of fashionable life to continue to be shown off to our beautiful world by you of course. 

So check it out and let's have some fun wearing some of these limited edition designer creations. 

In the meantime, stay safe out there. Enjoy life as we know it in 2020.