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The making of Face Mask 😷 for our local Houston, Texas Health care providers. Our community service Project.

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As there is a shortage of face masks due to this Covid-19 pandemic within our healthcare community, as a Fashion Designer, I personally rolled up my sleeves and sewed face masks for our Houston community. Thank you for all of those that donated funds to purchase fabric and supplies. My personal commitment is 1000 face masks.

It started with this photo of me with my own face mask posted on Instagram "MatildaHtown"on Sunday night.

Face mask for Houston Texas health care providers

Then here is Tuesday. 

Community face mask project

And then we continued up to 1000 committed donation masks.

We could not fit them all in this photo as we are still working on them. Whew!

While we diligently work on more for our community, our customers reached out wanting to buy for their family so we came up with a partnership for distribution with Avanti Holdings.

If your family is in need of purchasing any face masks for your household
please visit my local distribution fulfillment center below.

My team is staying home working on the rest of our donation masks, so we partnered with Avanti Holdings to fulfill any customer orders.

Thank you for the immense support. Stay Home, Stay healthy during the Corona Virus Covid-19 pandemic.

If you do have to go out for essentials, please wear gloves and mask 😷 up.



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