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Happy 2021

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“2020, The Year that Was”

What can I say? The year 2020 was a year unique from all others as the “Pandemic” caused much change for many folks. It created change for many businesses, our normal way of lives changed as simple as wearing a face mask every time we left our front doors of our home. Businesses had to figure out work from home alternatives for their employees, many of us became “Zoom” experts as we held meetings and trainings via the web platform. Long gone the usual handshake, and we welcomed elbow bumps and virtual hugs or six feet away pretend blowing of kisses with face masks on. We wished for concerts and big crowds for entertainment. In the long run, we adapted to a new lifestyle that was literally forced on us for safety purposes. Many of us, lost loved ones and acquaintances to this COVID-19 virus. When will our lives come back to normal soon, we hope?

I know that some of us reflected as we had extra time on our hands due to the loss of business or jobs. Therefore, we read more books, exercised more, binged on tv shows or movies, learned new skills, some folks traveled domestically or to Mexico even though highly recommended not to. 

The beginning of March was definitely, where our manufacturers took the first hit, with shutdowns happening all over the world, closing down fashion productions. We had no idea when they would re-open, so we froze all of our vendor products on our website. We started to produce in house more in our studio in Houston, Texas. The tricky part was making sure we ordered enough fabric so that we did not have delivery delays and we could quickly turn our products around. Mostly, prom dress and wedding dress production came to a sudden halt and we were producing crazy amounts of face masks for front line health workers (donated) and then the general public purchased through curbside pick up or our website.


Curbside Pick ups


Mid-Summer, I began exploring with dying textiles and working with linen and produced tunics for our daily casual wear. I also became more interested in creating unique designs on face masks, all-in- ones face guards/turban/scarves thinking post pandemic continuous use of fashion since face masks will eventually become obsolete. Fashion Designers are always thinking ahead.

blue tie dye

tie dye result

all in ones face gators headband scarves

scarf turbans


I was kindly invited for an interview with Daniel Garcia Ordaz. He is an author, teacher and TEDx speaker. Click on image below to watch interview. We talk about many interesting topics. 

Interview with PoetMariachi Daniel Garcia Ordaz


In October, I designed a couple of Halloween Costumes and I accepted the requests as I was so anxious to custom design again. Of course, I was all geared up with face mask and gloves while measuring and fittings. I was thrilled at the opportunity and had a blast doing this and thought it would be super awesome to add theatrical performance custom design as a new design skill.

"Tinker Bell and Peter Pan"

Tinker bell and Peter Pan

Fairy Performance Costume

Fairy Performance Costume


At the end of the Year, I thought I would finally make a Mommy and I outfit for my mom and I as a way to lovingly create beautiful memories via fashion and loved ones. I am so grateful to have such a beautiful and strong mother that pushed me outside of my comfort zone all throughout my life. Thank you and I am blessed to have shared iconic moments with her. My sister and I always had matching outfits, but Mom and I never did growing up so here it is. Never too late to make a little girl's wish come true. 

Mommy and I New Year Eve Fashion Outfits

mommy and I matching outfits

Happy New Year 2021 by Houston Fashion Designer, Matilde Caceres

Learn from the past; live in the present to the max and look forward to all the wonderful future opportunities that come within your reach. Make it a Happy 2021. You have the power to create the life you desire. Work with what you have and make it the best you can. Keep pushing forward while staying safe.

I appreciate your support and wish all of you the very best in 2021.

Fashionably Yours, 

Matilde Caceres (aka) "Matildahtown"

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