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Zoom Meeting Fashion and What about those cool Fashion Runway Ideas?

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What is trending for Fall 2020 / Winter 2021?


Well here we are almost in November and so close to ending this crazy year of uncertainty.  My business did take a hit as prom season and weddings were cancelled or postponed due to venues not being able to open for large crowds so that fashion business was lost.

Many of us are having to think outside of our normal comfort zone boxes we were used to and have to work remotely from home. I have found it very interesting myself as I am doing most of the work myself these days. During the Summer months of quarantining, I wondered how all the big designers were going to showcase their latest collections without all the fashion crowds.

The first designer that I was highly impressed with was Anifa Mvuemba. She took the internet by the storm with her very creative digital fashion show of her pieces that consisted of her Pink Label Congo Collection.

Anifa Mvuemba

Watch her show on the youtube link below.


Then there was Moschino, whom I am always super amused by that had a fashion show with marionettes. I thought, wow we are going old school by using using marionettes and fusing them into modern technology. Thank goodness for the internet that can be shared with the world too!


Christian Siriano along with Tom Ford showcased actual human models with social distancing measures for New York Fashion week. Full dress evening gowns with matching masks in a garden setting was the runway that even had one of the models go into the swimming pool in full dress. Let’s add some drama okay? I have enjoyed watching folks use technology to it’s maximum capacity.


The next thing, I have been amused is how people working remotely are dressing up from the waist up for virtual meetings. More people are buying online rather than going into the retail stores.  

zoom meeting professional top casual bottom

More people are still buying, but mainly streetwear to make a run to the grocery store or eat at their local diner.  We can still be fashionable while undergoing this year of the DIY, embracing technology and staying positive in our work environment conditions.

Take care and enjoy the closing of 2020 while staying safe. 




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