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Life is not just about Fashion ! February, for the Love of Reading.

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As a business woman, I always encourage reading books as a source of feeding the brain. Just like people have to keep a diet in order to stay lean and workout to stay healthy. The brain also needs to be fed knowledge or new skills. The average CEO reads approximately 4-5 books monthly. 

I found this great article on this topic from

This year, our team suggested that we make our blog not just about fashion but also, provide educational content for our diva consumers that they can relate to in their every day life. As a mentor, I lead by example and am currently reading three books simultaneously. These books are No B.S. Direct Marketing by Dan S. Kennedy,  The Business Tree by Hank Moore and The Fashion Designer Fashion Guide by Mary Gehlhar.

Our team and myself put a group of books together that are being read by us at the moment or are on our book bucket lists. Happy February for the love of reading, empowerment and self improvement. Click on the link below.

Self Help Women Empowerment Books

Happy February,

Matilde Caceres

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